Bioradar Sleep Perception

The Best Choice For Smart Home Care

Technological breakthroughs solve pain points and provide privacy for single .

Contactless Sensing

-Provide users with a non-contact, continuous and real-time monitoring method, allowing users to move freely without restraint.

-Provides automatic measurements and records for immediate response and early treatment of unstable situations by family members or caregivers.

-Assist family members and institutional operators to improve the monitoring environment of general wards, improve the quality of care and work efficiency.

The Main Function

In Bed/
Out Of Bed Perception

Immediate notification when getting out of bed/ overtime alarm when getting out of bed.

Sleep Schedule

Daily sleep time record and abnormal notification record.

Heart Rate/
Respiratory Rate

Guard the safety of users in sleep all day long .

Fall Monitoring

Guard the user's home safety throughout the day .

Space Stay Timeout Warning

Automatic notification of staying in a specific space for too long.

Alien Intrusion Monitoring

Identify if outsiders enter the space.

Active Sensing
Real-Time Alarms

Real-time monitoring of abnormal alarms.

Immediate notification and assistance.

24/7 Guard
Privacy Guarantee

24hr to protect user safety.
No video and sound leakage / video recording

High Accuracy

Non-contact perception not interfere work and rest

Turn off lights or high brightness environment not affect monitoring

Comparison Schemes

DOCTER iCare Bioradar
Thermal Induction
Low Light Environment Turn Off The Lights At Night
Strong Light Environment Strong Sunlight By The Window
Privacy Protection
Physiological Signal Perception
High sensitivity /
high precision /
Perception near the window is easy to fail
Not enough light to use have privacy concerns
Sensitive to temperature and fog low accuracy

Application Field

Epidemic Prevention Hotel

Isolation Ward

Day Care Overnight

Nursing Home

Living Alone


Best Choice For Smart Home Care

Continuous Physiological

Signal Sensing

  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • Motion Sensing


  • Living Alone
  • Apartments For The Elderly
  • Day Care Overnight
  • Dementia Prevention Application

Management System

  • In Bed Or Out Of Bed Detection Records
  • Leave The Bed And Exceed The Warning Time Alarm
  • Heart Rate And Breathing Abnormal Status Reminder
  • Set Personalized Alerts Based On Care Needs

(Monitoring Application)

  • Center Console Management And Message Push
  • Report Output
  • Work And Rest, Sleep State Cycle Analysis
  • Physiological Information Trend Analysis
Check Safety

Non Contact

  • Wireless Energy Is Much Lower Than That Of Mobile Phones And Network Devices.
  • Indoor air monitoring (additional equipment can be added)


  • Maintain The Privacy Of Care Recipients.
  • Provide Safety Alert Reminders For Care Recipients.
  • The Care Environment Is Friendlier.
  • Improve The Quality And Efficiency Of Care.

Product Features

Product Specification

Respiratory Monitoring
Heart Rate Monitoring
Monitoring Distance
Monitoring Angle
260 ∘

Refresh Rate
Output Parameters
respiration, heartbeat, distance.
Product Power Consumption
Installation Location
Communication Frequency
Bio-Radar Frequency
60GHz /24GHz
Communication Method